Program Highlights

The Most Sophisticated Treatment Available


Bayside Marin Offers Cutting Edge Treatment

The single most important feature a substance treatment facility can boast is treatment that really works. Although there’s no question that our clients thrive in our exquisite setting with gourmet mealsand all of the comforts of high-end living, our reputation for excellence stems from the exceptional care our clients receive.

We utilize evidence-based best practices to meet each person’s needs with a unique and personalized program. We will partner with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses the issues underlying your addiction and incorporates the blend of traditional and holistic therapies that best suits your needs.

A Unique Treatment Model

The Bayside Model is divided into six phases of care, which clients move through at their own pace. Phase Work is one of the many components that set Bayside Marin apart from other substance abuse treatment facilities. Instead of 12-Step paperwork, clients are given a series of five written assignments designed to improve their awareness, motivation, insight and preparedness to maintain long-term addiction recovery. This is powerful clinical work and clients report an enormous amount of personal satisfaction from doing it.

World-Class Treatment Team

At Bayside Marin, your treatment will be in the hands of a truly remarkable clinical team. All of our therapists are licensed with a master’s degree or higher, each with their own specialty and unique approach. Our counselors, and even our program coordinators and administrative staff, have certifications and/or personal experience in recovery. In addition to being experts in their fields, our staff is engaging, has true empathy, and is passionate about helping people find health, hope and healing in recovery.

Setting the Standard in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

More often than not, addiction goes hand in hand with an underlying mental health disorder. The expertise and sophistication of our clinical team make us uniquely qualified to treat complex dual diagnosis issues. Our clinical team is equally skilled in treating mental health disorders as they are in treating addiction and they work closely with our clinicians and program assistants to address all conditions simultaneously.

Treatment Beyond the 12 Steps

Twelve-Step programs are highly effective for some, but not all people in recovery. At Bayside Marin substance treatment facility, we invite you to explore all of your options for group support before deciding which is right for you.

Whether you wish to attend regular AA/NA meetings or get involved in LifeRing or SMART Recovery, we will support you in that process. Rather than living solely by the 12-Step maxims, we encourage clients to define their own personal truths through genuine self-expression and self-disclosure.

An Ideal Environment for Addiction Recovery

Sitting atop a hill with a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay, Bayside Marin’s substance treatment facility offers a peaceful and inspiring environment to focus on your health and well-being. Wake up to a breathtaking ocean view, take a walk through the garden or relax in the spa while developing the skills needed for sustained recovery.

Intensive Family Program

Your long-term recovery hinges on having a sober support system that is truly committed to your recovery. Our three-day, bi-monthly Family Program will provide the intensive education, therapy and support your family needs to help sustain your recovery as well as their own.

Continuing Care & Alumni Support

Our investment in your recovery doesn’t end when you leave Bayside Marin. After completing our drug rehab program, we provide continuing care to help you protect and nurture your recovery.

At no time will you be without a clear relapse prevention plan and a team of passionate supporters. In addition to referrals to outside resources, you will have access to our continuing care services for a lifetime following successful completion of treatment. These services include monthly phone calls, two day Recovery Renewal visits, and access to our weekly alumni group and ongoing alumni events.

The Utmost in Discretion & Confidentiality

Bayside Marin has a steadfast commitment to protecting our clients’ privacy. Our secluded location in the hills of Marin County and extraordinary standards of discretion make Bayside Marin an ideal choice for clients who require the utmost in privacy and confidentiality.