Family Program FAQ

The following are answers to common questions about the Bayside Marin Family Program:

What is the Bayside Marin Family Program?

The Bayside Marin Family Program features a two-day workshop that brings together several families. We work together to interrupt family cycles of loss, turmoil and illness, while increasing the likelihood of a better outcome for the client in treatment.

Workshop attendees are guided toward:

  • new ways of thinking about the family and members’ roles
  • deepening understanding and connection including with other families
  • fostering healthier ways of relating and interacting
  • reducing stress, uncertainty, and chaos in the family system

Our inten­tion is for family members who complete the workshop to describe shifts each can make to promote health and wellness for all members of the family system.

The program will be held at Bayside Marin Outpatient Offices in downtown San Rafael.  The address is 718 4th Street, San Rafael. CA.

Who should attend the Family Program?

The program is designed for family members of clients who are receiving treatment at residential or outpatient level of care within the Bayside programs. Parents (married or divorced), spouses, siblings 12 or older, and grandparents are all strongly encouraged and welcomed. The work­shop will be tailored to meet the needs of the specific group in attendance. Together we will create an intimate, carefully contained and sacred workspace. The first day and a half are attended by family members only; then we are joined by the client members on Saturday afternoon.

Common situations facing families who will benefit:

  • Parents searching for more effective ways of parenting and being in contact with their troubled or stuck young adult child
  • Parents trapped or held hostage by the family condition associated with addiction, mental illness, or failure to launch in an adult child
  • Spouses with marriages adversely impacted by addiction or compulsion in the other or in a loved one
  • Siblings who have felt invisible and lost in the background as another child in the family struggles with addiction, compulsion or long-term illness 

How to I register for the Family Program?

Family members will receive an email from Linelle Cowen if the client has filled out a Release of Information specifically for the Family Program. Family members need to confirm the registration by agreeing they can attend the full program, and can complete the pre-program components of the reading packet and a conversation with our Family Program therapist.

When are Family Program weekends?

Family Program Workshops are typically held on the first and third Friday-Saturday of every month. Participants are expected to attend the entire program – partial attendance interferes with group cohesion and the workshop’s flow. Each day begins at 9:45 am and ends at 4:00 pm.

Family Program is scheduled for the following Friday-Saturdays in 2015:

  • Jan 9-10
  • Jan 23-24
  • Feb 6-7
  • Feb 20-21
  • Mar 6-7
  • Mar 20-21
  • April 3-4
  • April 17-18
  • May 1-2
  • May 15-16
  • June 5-6
  • June 19-20
  • July 10-11
  • July 24-25
  • Aug 7-8
  • Aug 21-22
  • Sept 11-12
  • Sept 25-26
  • October 9-10
  • October 23-24
  • November 6-7
  • November 20-21
  • December 11-12